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How can they take $630 and confirm a booking date only for you to find out that on the day your meant to have gone ballooning (from the supplier we searched relentlessly to track down- not freemanx) that there is no flights for 6 months. Travelled 500kms and spent heaps on accomm and countless phone calls with no response at all from them. They refuse to refund. Outrageous.

From Prada11 : I've had a very bad experience with Freemanx. They are con artists. They scammed me out of $570 for two day spa vouchers and a week after taking my money, they still couldn't tell me which day spa i was booked into and what the date was. After a week of pestering them, they offered me the option of going to a day spa 1 hour and 20 mins away from the original advertised destination. I said no and asked for a refund. They told me over 2 weeks ago that they have issued the refund but I am still waiting. I will be disputing the charge with my bank and reporting them to consumer affairs.

Do NOT buy anything from this mob. they're con artists.

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Q: Has anyone had a bad experience with freemanX experiences?
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