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Q: Has anyone ever overdosed on tylonal?
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Has anyone overdosed on serenity now incense?


Does anyone knows why Whitney died?

she overdosed her crack

Can a rabbit have tylonal?


Is it safe to take Vicodin and Tylenol together?

No never take extra tylonal when taking vicodin. vicodin already contains tylonal. More tylonal will hurt your liver and kill you.

Does 10000mg of tylonal always result in liver damage?

does 10000Mg of tylonal allways result in liver damage

Did Charlie Sheen ever overdosed?

In his latest interview he has said that he hasn't overdosed because his body can handle ridiculous amounts. But there has been times where he has been admitted to the hospital in what his father said in an interview was an overdose.

Does it hurt to overdose on sleeping pills?

Nobody can answer that question because anyone that has overdosed has never come back from the dead to tell us about it.

What are he effects when you have a overdose of heroin?

you die. that is not the correct answer who ever put that im a person you overdosed on heroin and cocaine injecting and i made it

What has guy montag's wife done when she is sick?

She overdosed on sleeping medication. I don't think we ever know whether or not it was intentional.

Do you sleep better when you are organized?

depends if on If i took tylonal PM or not

What will Tylonal codine show up as on a drug test?

Tylenol with codeine will typically show up as codeine on a drug test. It is important to have a valid prescription if you are taking this medication to avoid any issues with drug testing.

Statistics on marijuana?

No one has ever overdosed or died strictly from marijuana use alone. why, exactly, is it illegal and alcohol isnt? That's MY question.