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Check you Transmission Fluid (Check while engine is hot and idleing)

If this Fluid level is good then you may want to put some conditioning fluid in it or better yet if you are not comfortable with do-it-yourself then you may want to take it to a Trasmission specialty shop for an evaluation.

Some people say change the Fuid and Filter and some say don't, This is often determined by how many miles is on the vehicle. If there is not but about 60 thousand on it then you could probably change it and be fine on the other hand if it has 110 thousand on it and has never been changed then you would probably be better off just leaving it alone, it would probably do more harm than good to change it.

But like I said there are a wide rane of opinions on this subject and you gotta weigh the fact that it isn't working correctly now so you prob wouldn't harm it any worse.

Depends alot on the make and model and how many miles are on it though.

Could be several different things from very minor to very major.

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Q: Has 2nd and 1st gear would not shif to 3th and drive?
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Why would a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora V6 3.5 L not go into drive and 3rd gear but does go into reverse and 1st and 2nd gear?

specify "not go into drive" does that mean it stalls or?

When do you use drive in a standard transmission car?

There is no drive in a standard transmission car. In most cases you will have reverse, neutral, 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 4th gear, and 5th gear.

If you drive a manual car should you leave it in gear when you park?

Yes, 1st gear and set the parking brake also.

What does 4 3 2-drive stand for on a car gear?

Automatic transmission? 2 vehicle will shift only from 1st to 2nd gear 3 vehicle will shift from 1st to 2nd to 3rd gear 4 vehicle will shift from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th gear

Your kia sephia doesnt move in drive only in 1st and 2nd gear?

If your Kia Sephia doesn't move in drive, but does move in 1st and 2nd gear, you have a problem with the transmission. Sometimes this is just an issue with the linkage and can be repaired easily.

700R4 transmission has 1st and 2nd gear but won't shift into drive or overdrive?

you have burnt out the 3rd. gear and overdrive. you will have to have it rebuilt or replaced.

What does PRND321 stand for?

It stands for: Park=P Reverse=R Neutral=N Drive=D 1=1st gear 2=2nd gear 3=3rd gear

When should you drive in normal drive drive 1 drive 2 etc?

You are speaking about the different gear shifts... Drive, 1st, 2nd, and sometimes 3rd gears on an automatic vehicle. Drive should be used most of the time and the other gears only when hauling heavy weight or climbing steep terrains. You should adjust them according to speed. 1st gear going the slowest.

Why would an automatic gear stick in 1st?

An automatic gear would stick in 1st if there is an obstruction. Gears can sometimes break off and cause motion to stop entirely.

What would cause a 97 cavalier automatic to lose drive and second gear until you hit 10mph then drive and second work is the filter bad or the tranny going?

1st step would be to change fluid and filter and see if any improvement

How do you get into 4 wheel drive?

While stopped, and in park or neutral, move the 4wd selector to the desired 4wd mode, put car in drive or 1st gear and drive.

No drive gear in 2002 Chevy auto transmission?

I had this problem in my 2007. the forward sprag was broken. i still had 1st, 2nd 3rd and reverse but no drive.