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The objective of Harris Flush is to get the gas out, even though the procedure could cause pt to defecate. It's usually ordered for post op or prg pt. Harris Flus is also known as In-N-Out Flush b\c the procedure is repeated 5-6x by lifting and lowering the container where the water would go in and out of pt and the container. Harris Flush is different from other types of enemas in two ways: 1, the solution is not retained in pt like other types enema procedures would; 2, the purpose of Harris flush is to help pt. achieve expulsion of flatus (gas) but not impacted feces which other types of enema procedures are intended to. The following information provided is for purposes of exchanging knowledge and literature only. Always check with the Policy-N-Procedure of your agency to avoid placing harm to your pt. Harris Flush Procedure: 1. Always check physician's order first. 2. Put 500 ml of water in container. Pt. usually can tolerate 300 mL. 3. Check the connection btwn container and tubing. Evacuate any gas in the tube by holding the container high and having small amount of water run through the tube. 4. Insert lubercated tube using proper clean technique (medical asepsis). 5. Hold the container high, 12-18 inch. above pt's anus with non-dominant hand. Dominant hand is holding the tube right next to anus (to avoid sudden expulsion of tube out of anus). 6. Lower the container below pt. so water infused into anus can return to container. You should expect to see bubbles in the fluid. 7. Repeat the procedure again by holding container high then lowering it. 8. End of Harris Flush procedure. YouTube myspace /tzu911

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