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bonjour ma cherie! comment vas-tu?

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Q: Good morning sweetheart. How are you today?
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How do you good morning sweetheart in Arabic?

Sabah Elkhair habibti

How do you say good morning sweetheart in farsi?

sob bekheyr azizam

How do you say good morning sweetheart in french?

bonjour chérie

What is the phrase 'good morning sweetheart' when translated from English to Indonesian?

Selamat pagi sayang.

How do you say Good morning in Choctaw?

I'm not sure about proper phonetic spelling, but ownaheelee pot achookma would be the best way I could describe how to pronounce it in Chahta.

Mangwanani mudiwa wangu ndinokuda chaizvo?

language :Shona Origin : zimbabwe Translation : Good morning my sweetheart , I love you very much

How do you respond to good morning beautiful?

You would respond it as 'good morning, you look nice today!'

What is 'Good morning sweetheart' when translated from English to Italian?

Buon giorno, amore! is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Good morning, sweetheart!" The greeting translates literally as "Good day, love!" in English. The pronunciation will be "bwon DJOR-no a-MO-rey" in Pisan Italian.

What are the release dates for Good Morning Today - 2013?

Good Morning Today - 2013 was released on: USA: 28 October 2013 (Los Angeles, California)

Is this how you spell good morning?

Yes, you have spelt the phrase good morningcorrectly.Some example sentences are:It is polite to say good morning to neighbours."Good morning class," the teacher began, "why are you in school on Saturday?"I had a good morning today, thank you.

What is a monsters sweetheart?

A sweetheart monster might be a monster with a good heart.

What should i say before starting my speech?

A brief greeting. Such as... Good morning. Good morning, I hope everyone is doing well today.