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You cannot go past rank 10 in ANY of the classes, but when you reach level 10 in warrior class and level 10 in healers class you can become a paladin, just go to artix in the inn inside of sword haven, becoming a paladin will unlock his shop, and there will be enhancements for paladin class.

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Q: Getting past level 10 warrior in adventure quest worlds?
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What is the highest level you can be in adventure quest worlds?


How do you get level 7 armour in adventure quest worlds?

There Isnt

How do you open portal in adventure quest worlds?

Be a higher level

What is the maximum level in adventure quest worlds?

As of January 2011, the level bar is at Level 35.

What level do you need to be on to unlock the Undead Assault quest from Artix in Adventure Quest Worlds?

you need to be a member and yes you need healer and warrior in rank 10 i did that but i was sad when it said i need to be a member

How do you level your class faster in adventure quest worlds?

stupid question

How do you be at level 23 on adventure quest worlds?

all you have to do is train. its as simple as that.

How do you get the paladin armor in AQ Worlds?

You have to have level 10 healer and level 10 warrior. Hope this helped.

On adventure quest worlds how do you become a higher level?

You kill monsters and get experience.

What is the highest level in adventure quest worlds?

the highest level in aqw is now 45 and rank is still 10

How do you get palidin armor in aq worlds?

you have to get level 5 warrior and level 5 priest then talk to Atrix in the swordhaven inn.

Where is a good place to level up in adventure quest worlds?

just go to the light temple