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Q: For a first time conviction of DUI you can do what?
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How long do you have to wait to get a cdl after a DUI conviction if you didnt have a cdl at the time of the conviction?

After you receive a DUI conviction, there'll be a period of time where your licence will be suspended. You'll have to wait until the end of that suspension period before you can get a CDL. However, if three years have not yet passed between your DUI conviction and present, I would advise you wait on it before upgrading your licence. The points alone from the DUI conviction will make it practically impossible for you to get a CDL driving job for the three years following your conviction.

How long is probation for a first DUI conviction?

No more then 1 year.

Can you travel to a foreign country after DUI conviction?

You can travel to some foreign countries after a DUI conviction, but it varies according to the country. You cannot enter Canada from the US with a DUI conviction.

What is the minimum fine for a first DUI conviction in FL?

Minimum 180 days

How many years does a DUI conviction remain on a drivers record?

A record of a DUI conviction on your drivers license history is permanent.

How can someone have a DUI charge expunged from their record?

Having a DUI charge expunged from a record is a tedious task. Being eligible means answering a few questions first. Was it the first and only conviction? How much time has passed since the conviction? What was the severity and nature of the crime? After these are answered you can fill out an application for expungement from the local court house.

Is a DUI a criminal conviction in Michigan?

It can be depending on the number of offenses. In Wisconsin every DUI (OWI) conviction after the 1st one is considered a crime.

What is the maximum length of time that your driver's license can be revoked for a second DUI conviction?

1 year in Florida

Is a conviction for a fourth DUI conviction is a felony of the 3rd degree?

It depends on what state you live in. In most states, a DUI will become a felony upon multiple offenses.

Is a DUI considered a first degree misdemeanor in Kentucky?

A conviction for DUI 1st, 2nd, or 3rd is considered a misdemeanor in Kentucky, while subsequent DUI convictions within a 5 year period are considered felonies.

What are the prospects of obtaining employment as a CDL driver after one DUI conviction in the state of MN?

Depends on how long it's been since your DUI conviction. Within the first three years of your DUI conviction, there's pretty much no chance - the cost to insure you would be much too great. Four to five years after your conviction, you'll still experience some difficulty, and may continue to experience it up to seven years after your conviction. After seven years, it shouldn't be much of a hassle.

What happens to your drivers license in Alabama for a DUI?

It depends on whether it is your first DUI or not and whether or not you are acutally convicted. If you are convicted, you will lose your license. On a first conviction, it is an automatic 90 day suspension. On a second conviction, there is a one year revocation. On a third, it is a three year revocation. I hope this information helps you!