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Joanie Loves Chachi

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Q: Fonzie's cousin and Ritchie's sister were spun off to what TV series of their own?
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How do you marry cousin sister?

Your cousin's sister is also your cousin. In some places it is legal to marry your cousin.

Are you related to you sisters cousin?

Your sister's cousin is your cousin, too, unless you and your sister are really step siblings with different parents. Then your sister's cousin is not related to you.

What relation am I to my husbands cousin's sister?

Your husband's cousin's sister is also your husband's cousin. You are not related to your husband's cousin.

What do I call my half-sister's cousin... Half-sister... Step-sister... something else... why?

your half sisters cousin would be your cousin

If your sister has a godsister and your sister's godsister has a cousin and that's your sisters cousin will that be the little sisters cousin?

Ummm... I think so because the sister's cousin has to be related to you unless she is a stepsister.

What is the relationship of your mother's sister to you?

I know it's a cousin. The sister's daughter would be your first cousin, so her daughter would either be your second cousin OR first or second cousin once of those three haha but a cousin for sure.

Is your sister's daughter your son's cousin?

Yes, you sister's daughter is your son's first cousin.

Is you mother's sister's son your cousin?

Your mom's sister is your aunt, and her son is your first cousin.

Is it wrong to date your sister's boyfriend's cousin?

Absent any other twists... your sister's boyfriend is also your cousin, for example, so that your sister's boyfriend's cousin is your brother or something... it is completely fine to date your sister's boyfriend's cousin if you want to.

What is my father's sister son called?

Your father's sister is you aunt. Her son is your first cousin. Her son's daughter (her granddaughter) is your first cousin, once removed.

How are your related to your cousin's sister's son?

Your first cousin's sister is also your first cousin. Your second cousin's sister is also your second cousin. And so forth. The child (son or daughter) of your first cousin is your first cousin, once removed. The child (son or daughter) of your second cousin is your second cousin, once removed. And so forth.

How do you call your mum's sister's daughter?

Mothers sister is aunt and son is cousin so daughter wouldn't that be a niece