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Because they have 0.5 ovaries

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Q: Females usually become intoxicated more quickly than males because?
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How are females smarter then males?

females because famsles usually stay in school. ;)

Are female smarter then male?

females because famsles usually stay in school. ;)

What are the penalities for refusing to take a test to determine weather you are intoxicated?

Well by refusing that you are intoxicated this usually means that you are actually intoxicated so you could get brought down to county jail and have a mandatory test done there.

What does the term Stoned mean?

It usually means intoxicated or high on drugs.

What is the legal definition of intoxication?

you consume alcohol usually used to define intoxicated driving

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What does Boozed up means?

Boozed up means to be drunk, usually on alcohol.

Why does alcohol usually affect females quicker than males?

Alcohol affects women more quickly because they generally have a higher proportion of body fat compared to men. Because fat can't absorb alcohol, higher levels of it are concentrated in the blood. Females also have less dehydrogenase, a substance that breaks down alcohol before it can enter the blood. This means that women absorb nearly 30% more alcohol into their blood than do men who have the same height and weight who consume the same quantity of alcohol in the same time period. Females also tend to be shorter and lighter than men, which also concentrates alcohol in their blood more quickly.

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