Famous accident at chappaquidick

Updated: 9/15/2023
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I believe you are referring to the automobile accident which killed Mary Jo Kopechne, an office worker for the Kennedy family- and only slightly injured Edward ( Ted) Kennedy. This was almost ( Kennedy having survived) an American equivalent of the Mayerling tragedy. If both had died- it may well have been. Mary Jo died of a combination of drowning and suffocation as her body floated about in the Oldsmobile Delmont. Kennedy got out and pronto- but did not notify the authorities until 9 hours after the accident. Something very strange here.

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Q: Famous accident at chappaquidick
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It is arguably historical license, but the Movie called, somewhat inaccurately ( it is not about flat tires or decompression accidents in tunnels) Blow-Out! might be a watered down version of the Chappaquidick tragedy. the move starred John Travolta and he played the role of a filmmaker experimenting with various (period) high-tech devices such as intervalometers ( shown on screen and sort of semi-documentary Like) then while on location-a mysterious accident occurs, which he catches on movie film- I did not see the film but recall the television ads. Naturally they did not mention Chappaquidick or Kennedy in the intros- but idea was suggested. This is one possibility.There were plots in crime dramas ( not movies but TV shows with crime orientations that made some very strange suggestions, that a famous actress attempted suicide... and so on, but somehow recovered. it goes on and on art imitates life. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was a movie call chappaquidick in 1994 that was played on tv about the incident. U can purchase it online.

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