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knowledge and attitudes

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Q: External and internal influences on an individuals health?
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Match each example to the correct category?

(Apex) External influences = Your friends encouraging you to use a bike helmet has a positive influence on your health. Internal influences = The amount of sleep you get has an influence on your health.

What are external and internal forces in health care?

high cost of health insurance, the technology

The difference between Internal and External health care report?

internal is on the inside of your body while external refers to body parts that are on the outside such as skin and nails.

Can an external hemorrhoid turn into an internal hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids are formed by the person's health condition, especially on the rectum part. When blood circulation is bad on the rectum part, you might have hemorrhoids. It could be external or internal or both. It is not turning into internal form from external. It is just where you have the hemorrhoids.

Definition of health problem?

The definition of health problem is anything that is affect the normal functions of the body. This may be characterized by various symptoms which may be internal or external.

Do external skincare products have impact on internal health?

Your personal health and beauty depend on your perseverance. Without you paying attention to your body and your physical appearance they will deteriorate.

What are the influences on your health?

There are genetic influences, environmental influences, behavioral influences, and events unforeseen. The biggest influence on your health is your attitude. If you make choices that maximize good influences and minimizes the negative influences, the better odds will be that you will stay healthy.

What is pre-disposition?

Genetic Predisposition is a genetic effect which influences the phenotype of an organism but which can be modified by the environmental conditions. Genetic testing is able to identify individuals who are genetically predisposed to certain health problems.

What 3 personal behaviors have a direct effect on your health?

Internal health influences are mental caused by yourself. Some examples are your likes and dislikes, morals and values, and knowledge--that is, what you perceive as good or bad.

Dimensions of health and cultural influences?

the dimension of health and cultural influences is ability of human body to function properly.

What are the good factors affecting healthy person?

There are two types of factors that affect a healthy person; they are internal or external: Good internal factors would be the knowledge of what is healthy and what is not, and the ability and the desire to make good choices affecting health. Good external factors would be good genetics, a good environment to grow and develop, knowledge available to learn what is good for health and what is not, the freedom to make good choices concerning health, the means to take advantage of choices that are good for health.

How is the behavior different from other influences on your health?

the behavior is different from other influences on your health becuz it's tell's u if your health or not .it tells what u eat.