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Q: Explain the factors which contribute to well-being of individuals?
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Explain how each of the cultural factors contribute to cultural tourism?

explain how each of the cultural factors contribute to culural tourism?

What factors affect health and wellbeing and development of individuals and key people?

The factors that affect well being includes: Physical factors psychological factors Social factors Spiritual factors

What is biopsychosocial approah?

A biopsychosocial approach assumes that biological and psychological factors like thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and other social factors, all contribute to human wellbeing and illness.

What factors contribute in maintaining Earth as a temperate planet?

explain to meidk

How does biological factors contribute to equality of individuals?

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Explain the factors to be considered when planning the recruitment of individuals to work in health and social care?

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Explain growth of the global economy?

There are only three factors that constitute and contribute to economic growth: Labor, Capital, Technology.

Who person or what organization or project showed that an ecological approach could affect major changes in the lives of troubled children?

ecological approach is used to analyze and assess multiple risk factors that contribute to, or inhibit a child wellbeing

What factors contribute to group cohesiveness in organization?

what factors contribute cohesiveness?

What sociological factors contribute to the criminalization of individuals?

Some sociological factors, such as extreme poverty, can lead to people becoming criminals. This is because they feel they must do something illegal to get the things they need.

Which personal factors will contribute to substance abuse?

personal factors that contribute substance abuse

What are he comporenent of health wellbeing?

Health and wellbeing are achieved through several different factors. The most commonly used model is one that includes body, mind, emotion, and spirit.