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Q: Enumerate the characteristic of a healthy individual?
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Enumerate and explain the characteristic of good mental health?

gago ka ba ? shunga lng ? ako nagtatanong papasagot mo skin . shunga ?

What are the characteristic of physical healthy person?


What was a major characteristic of humanism in Europe?

A major characteristic of Humanism in Europe is an appreciation for the basic work of individual achievement.

What is the guaranteed individual rights of the Fourth Amendment?

Too lengthy to enumerate here - see the below link and see for yourself.

What was a major characteristic of humanism?

A major characteristic of humanism is an appreciation for the basic work of individual achievement.

Is hair an individual characteristic or a group characteristic?

yes because hiar is a part of a group characteristics

Enumerate and describe the components of hardware?

enumerate the hardware

Enumerate and illustrate the laboratory techniques?

what is the enumerate and illustrate

What are the good of a healthy individuaL?

There are many great qualities of a healthy individual. Healthy individuals are physically fit, have regular heart beats, and are happy.

What is a traited?

1. individual characteristic: a characteristic or quality that distinguishes somebody2. inherited characteristic: a quality or characteristic that is genetically determined3. indication: a hint or trace of something ( literary )

Which one characteristic does the individual state lack?

A country.

What is a characteristic of a free market economy?

individual choice