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letter of the sublevel

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Q: Each atomic orbital is described by its principal quantum number followed by the?
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What information does the principal quantum number tell you?

The size of the orbital.

How is an orbital principal quantum number related to the atoms major energy levels?

The principal quantum number describes the size of the orbital. Because they have opposite electrical charges, electrons MORE.

Which of the quantum numbers is related to the size and energy of the orbital?


What is the second quantum number of the 3p1 electron in aluminum?

The principal quantum number n = 3 and the azimuthal or orbital angular momentum quantum number would be l =1 .l = 1

What does the principal quantum number n designated?

it means the major level of orbital like 2S1, the 2 is the quantum number 3D4, the 3 is the quantum number

What is the Principal Energy Level?

The quantum number relating to the size and energy of an orbital

The principal energy level that consists of one s orbital and three p orbitals has a quantrum number of?

Its Principal quantum no is 2

How many electrons are in the orbital greatest principal quantum number of iron?

2. Iron configuratoiin is [Ar] 3d84s2

Can Orbitals be described using 3 quantum numbers?

More or less. If you mean "orbital" in the sense "those things that can hold two electrons", then yes. A bound electron in an atom can be described by four quantum numbers, one of which is the spin and has two possible values, so any given "orbital" can be described by 3.The three are: n - Principal (shell), n > 0 l - azimuthal (subshell: s, p, d, f, g, h, etc.) n > l >= 0 m - magnetic (specific orbital within a subshell), -l <= m <= l

The main energy level of an atom are indicated by the?

by the quantum number n. if n=1 energy level is at 1 if n=2 energy level is 2 for example 2s1

The Quantum Number that defines the probable distance an electron is from the nucleus is the quantum number.?

secondary quantum numberI don't think it is a number, but it could be referring to the Orbitals, being S, P, D, and F. Each orbital is a specific shape and the orbitals are determined in blocks on the Periodic Table. The energy, or Quantum Number would go in front, such as 4p, which means the principal quantum number or energy level is 4 and the orbital shape is p. Hope this helps

How many electrons can exist in all the atomic orbital that correspond to the principal quantum number?

32. 2n2. 4s2, 4p6, 4d10, 4f14