Drivers side door won't open

Updated: 9/13/2023
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If your drivers side door won't open, try spraying some WD-40 into the area where the door connects with the lock inside the car. This will lubricate the lock.

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Q: Drivers side door won't open
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What do you do if your golf gti drivers door wont open?

use the passenger door.

Your car door won't window won't drop when you open the door?

ive got a vauxhall astra bertone convertable and my drivers side fpront window wont drop when i open the door please could you help

Why wont any doors open on my golf with the fob other than drivers door?

The golf door mechanism is set to unlock the drivers door only. This is a safety measure, it allows the driver to get into the car and control who gets into the passenger side of the car.

BMW 728i 2001 how to open boot when key wont work?

use the button insode the drivers door

Your 2001 Monte Carlo door wont shut on the drivers side?

the door striker needs adjusted along with possibly the latch mechanism.

Why wont a car start but if the drivers door is opened for a few minutes it will start?

That just sounds like a coincidence that the door is open. look into something else.

Why myToyota rav4 drivers side door wont open from the outside?

Sounds like the rod came off of the door handle,remove the inside door panel and look. Most vehicles have a plastic insert that holds it in place , you might have to change it to keep it on. hope this helps.

Why wont your windows or air conditioner work in your 98 Chevy Malibu?

replace the fuses for each. when you open your driver side door, there should be a door on the side of the dash that you can open, it will have a diagram with all the fuse names on it.

Why wont your 1997 aurora radio shut off when you open the drivers door?

The radio should go off on it's own after a few minutes or when the passenger door is opened.

Your back drivers side door is stuck in lock mode and wont open on a 98 mercury mountaineer does anyone know how you could fix this?

I'm having a hard time also the doors have child protections lock on them.

Drivers side lock on peugeot 306 wont unlock but will lock why?

The lock is sticking. It needs to be removed and cleaned. It could also be faulty wiring. 306's are notorious for this. Open the drivers side door & check the rubber piping by the door hinges for damage. Make sure the plug is in properly. If all looks ok, you'll probably have to get the wiring re-done.

Why does key turn all way round in drivers side door and wont unlock it but works fine on passenger side on peugeot 806?

push they key in further !