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Q: Download Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear's Activity Pack game?
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What part of the body fatty acids absorbs?

Fatty acids are usually ingested as triglycerides, which cannot be absorbed by the intestine. They are broken down into free fatty acids and monoglycerides by pancreatic lipase, which forms a 1:1 complex with a protein called colipase, which is necessary for its activity.

During a physical activity what hormone signals the fat cells to begin releasing their fatty acids?

During physical activity, the hormone epinephrine signals fat cells to release their fatty acids, which can then be used as energy by the body. This process helps provide the necessary fuel for the muscles to function during exercise.

How do you download the mp3 version of doin your mom by fatty spins?

go to limewire and wirte fatty spins and it's there i got itmuch easier to just download the file itself, i have the video, i downloaded it from it shows all youtube videos and you can get mp3 rips from the vids and also obviously u can get any mp3 file.

Is fatty an adverb?

No. The word fatty (containing fat) is an adjective (e.g. fatty meat, fatty acids).

Is oil a fatty acid?

it is a fatty

Is trouble a verb?

Fatty no you fatty

What is the most common building blocks of lipids?

The most common building blocks of lipids are fatty acids. These molecules consist of a long hydrocarbon chain with a carboxylic acid group at one end. They can be saturated or unsaturated, depending on the presence of double bonds in the hydrocarbon chain.

What is Plies' mama name?

fatty fatty

Is olive oil an essential fatty acid?

No, it's not a fatty acid or essential fatty acid.

How can you tell the difference between a fatty acid and a protein?

A protein is a biochemical macromolecule made up of amino acid monomers (of which there are 20), while a fatty acid is generally a long aliphatic (hydrocarbon) chain attached to a carboxylic acid moiety. Functionally, fatty acids can be turned into energy, or up to three can be attached to a glycerol backbone to create a di- or tri-acylglyceride to become a component of the bilayer membrane of cells. Proteins can perform a variety of functions in the cell, and can provide structure to the cell (actin filaments), be involved in signaling (G proteins), or have catalytic activity (enzymes).

Why do oils contain fatty acids?

because your a fatty

Is sucrose a fatty acid?

Sucrose is not a fatty acid.