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Indeed it does.

The body has a great number of different "sense of touch" cells. Some sense pressure, some sense texture, pain, heat etc.

The skin where the sensory nerveendings are situated is divided into regions (called dermatomes) depending on what spinal nerve it is connected to. The amount and type of sensory nerveendings in any given area determines roughly how sensitive it is.

The lips, eyelids, fingers and feet are examples of areas that are rich with sensory nerveendings, whereas the back, the front of the thighs and outside of the upper arms are much less so.

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Q: Does your sense of touch differ from different parts of body?
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How does the patella reflex differ from the pupillary reflex?

The two are different because of what triggers the reflex. While the patella is triggered through the sense of touch, the pupillary is triggered through light.

Which lobe primarily controls the sense of touch?

The parietal lobe is primarily responsible for processing the sense of touch. This lobe integrates information from various sensory modalities to help us perceive touch, pressure, temperature, and pain. It plays a key role in spatial awareness and processing sensory input from the environment.

What is related to sense of touch?

Sense of fell is related to sense of touch.

Is touch massage effect for pain relief?

Touch massage can have an effect for pain relief, but it might not work on everyone. Everyone has a different body type, so the effects of touch massage might differ between different people.

Is touch a chemical sense?

Touch is actually not considered to be a chemical sense. Touch is actually considered to be a physical type sense.

The sensory cortex is most critical for your sense of?

The sensory cortex is most critical for your sense of touch, as it processes and interprets information from your skin and other tactile receptors throughout your body. It plays a key role in translating these tactile sensations into meaningful experiences that allow you to interact with your environment.

What parts does the raccoon use to get food?

It uses its great sense of smell, hearing and touch to locate food and its claws and teeth to get the food.

What is lack of sense of touch?

Lack of sense of touch, known as hypoesthesia or numbness, is a condition where an individual may not feel tactile sensations or may have reduced sensitivity to touch. This can be caused by nerve damage, medical conditions like diabetes, or neurological disorders. It can affect a person's ability to feel pain, temperature changes, or pressure.

What is the medical term meaning diminished sense of touch?

Hypoesthesia is the term of a diminished sense of touch.

What is a sense used when handling something?

The sense of touch is used when handling something. It allows us to feel the texture, weight, temperature, and shape of objects.

How can you protect your sense of touch?

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A sense appeal is when you let someone touch you ;)