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No the blood flow from your heart to your brain decreases, and the extra blood is sent to the muscles to re-energize (during NREM). During REM, your brain is more active and this is when dreams occur. Bu your brain does not "turn off"

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Q: Does your brain turn off when you are a sleep?
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Does your brain turn off when you sleep?

No, becuase it dreams which takes up a fair amount of power becuase of the imigination people use.

Why are the lights off when you are sleeping?

bcas if light effect in our eyes we can not sleep and distrub and our brain do not control to sleep..................

What happens when you go to sleep?

your brain shuts off but not completely. or you will be dead. only half of your brain stays on. and the other half shuts off.

How can your teen get to sleep quickly?

Your teen can get to sleep quickly by putting two small bedside lamps by them and having them on. They should read for 5-10 minutes and then turn one light off. They should mabey write a diary of they day and calm down NOT WATCH TV that does not calm down the brain. After they have wrote a diary they should turn the second light out and try and get to sleep and they should get to sleep quite quickly. When you leave a light on your brain thinks its daytime and it can give headaches.

How do you turn a tamagotich off?

you cant they turn off after hours of discontinued use or switching the program to sleep mode.

Does this turn off or just sleep?

This item does have auto shutoff available on it as well as the sleep function.

How do you change the sleep mode on your computer?

As in turn it off, or change when sleep turns on? Right click desktop > Personalize > Screen Saver > Change power settings You can set how long before your computer goes to sleep, or turn it off altogether.

What does the dolphin sleep in?

dolphins dont sleep. not really. they shut off half of their brain (because they are conscious breathers and swimmers) and when its rested, they shut off the other side

How do you turn off the sleep mode in Hp L 1902?

To turn sleep mode off, or awake an computer, a person can usually touch any button or move the mouse. If it is stuck in sleep mode a person can remove the battery for a few seconds, replace it and turn the computer back on.

What can make you get to sleep quicker?

when your light is on your brain is being tricked, your brain thinks it is daytime. Lie in your bed with the light off then think of something what is happy then you will drift off. You can also take things like "melotonin" to help you go to sleep.

How do you turn off the spy net video watch?

I don't think you can turn off the video watch. It can sleep, but it wastes a lot of power.

Should a spouse turn off the light when the other has to go to sleep?

If your partner has to go to sleep of course you should turn off the light, after all if you wish to read or something you can always do it elsewhere while your partner obviously needs to be in bed in order to sleep.