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yes it does

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Q: Does you auto insurance cover you in a state of emergency?
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Will state farm auto insurance cover a boat rental?

Auto insurance will not cover a boat under any circumstances.

Does State Farm auto insurance cover rental car insurance when you are in Canada?

Yes, I believe they do!

Does State Farm auto insurance cover a rental truck?

Does my policy cover rental trucks

Does State Farm Auto Insurance cover flood damage?

Yes it does, through their comprehensive insurance coverage.

Does car insurance offered in Tennesee cover my auto when I drive out of state?

Your auto insurance should cover you anywhere you drive to. As long as the person insured is driving the car there should not be any problems.

Does State Farm auto insurance cover rental car insurance in Spain?

yes but it dosent in some countries

What is assigned risk auto insurance used for?

Assigned risk auto insurance is used to cover those drivers that would normally be denied coverage by most insurance companies. They get this form of auto insurance because of State law requiring them to be covered by auto insurance.

How does Countrywide auto insurance compare to Geico?

Auto insurance companies generally offer a comprehensive auto insurance package that covers the basics, as well as emergency road service, additional insurance to cover mechanical breakdown and it will reimburse you for rentals. Both Countrywide Insurance Group and Geico offer rate quotes on their websites.

How does car insurance differ from state to state?

Some aspects of insurance coverage that can differ by state are: Auto Liability, Medical Payments, Uninsured Motorist, Rental Reimbursement and Emergency Road Services.

What types of things does state farm insurance actually insure?

State Farm insurance offers a variety of different insurances to cover your needs. They offer auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and more.

What kind of services does Direct Auto Insurance provide?

Direct Auto Insurance providision includes cover for bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. They also provide motorcycle insurance, roadside assistance, life insurance, and emergency protection.

Will my state farm auto insurance cover a rental car in Puerto Rico?

I was told by a State Farm Agent that they do not cover rental cars in Puerto Rico.