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Q: Does weed harm the brain such as memory loss?
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What are causes and effects of memory loss?

smoking weed

Can you inherit short term memory loss?

smoke weed.

Is Eating microwave food causes loss of memory?

no its weed that makes you loose ur memory then u get the munchies nd eat microwave food but no its not the food, t'is the weed.

In reality is weed actually bad What are some long time effects Please explain thoroughly?

There is evidence that using marijuana has long term effects on the brain such as short term memory loss.

Does weed kill brain cells perminently?

no weed does not kill brain cells. but if u do find a way to loose them u do loss them permanently there the only kind of cell that does not regenerate.

I'm 14 and i smoke weed every two months does this affect my brain and if it does what are the side affects?

Smoking weed every two months as a 14 year old, can effect your brain by causing short-term memory loss. Additional side effects include a distorted sense of time, paranoia, and anxiety and depression.

How much weed did they give monkeys to prove short term memory loss?

they gave the monkeys a quarter pound of weed to smoke in two hours

Does weed enhance your brain?

While some people report feeling more creative or relaxed when using marijuana, research suggests that the drug can impair cognitive function, memory, and decision-making skills. Long-term use of marijuana has been linked to negative effects on brain development and functioning, especially in adolescents.

I smoke a lot of weed is that bad?

no its not bad it just mean you like to chill.But i heard that it is killing your brain cells.personally i smoke a lot of weed and i don't really notice any brain cell loss so go ahead and smoke all you want.

What is happens to the brain if you smoke weed?

it harms your barin by making u stupid......... i also makes u loose memory and nerve cells SO DONT SOMKE WEED.......... Actually smoking weed doesn't harm your brain it doesn't even kill brain cells that was a lie started by President Nixon you see his scientist strapped gas mask to monkeys and pumped them full of marijuana smoke until they suffocated and as many people know when you loose air brain cells die (you would need to smoke over 200 joints in under 20 minutes to die from weed so don't worry about dieing from weed) also weed is just a natural medicine that slows the growth of cancer cells and help people with chronic pain such as migraines.

Is it bad to smoke weed during your pregnancy?

Yes, it is. What you take into your body goes to the baby and weed is a drug that will harm the baby causing brain damage. It is also against the law and the state can take away your baby for child abuse.

How can weed harm your baby during pregnancy?