Does vinegar cure gonorrhea

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Vinegar does not cure gonorrhea. See your health care provider for effective diagnosis and treament.

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Q: Does vinegar cure gonorrhea
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Can vinegar cure cervical cancer?


Could you just get a shot to get rid of an STD?

Every STD is different and has a different protocol.

Can baking soda cure groin rash?

no, but vinegar can

Does vinegar really cure a bladder infection?

No it does not.

A cure for jellyfish stings?

vinegar can stop the pain a bit.

How to neutralise a bee sting?

vinegar can be used to cure a bee sting.

How do you treat melasma at home?

apple cider vinegar is the best cure for melasma

How do you cure blood sucker bite?

Try vinegar, but make sure that the bite isn't open from scratching first, otherwise the cut will burn because of the vinegar.

Does vinegar help for acne?

Apple cider vinegar is a well known remedy for acne. Use beauty products containing apple cider vinegar to cure acne. Vinegar exfoliates and remove dirt and bacterias onto skin which reduce acne formation.

Does vinegar cure a wart?

this a way you can cure it! Dip cotton ball in vinegar and attach it to the spot with tape or band aid. Leave on overnight and you should notice the wart disappear in a week or so.This could be also done with alcohol or lime juice, they work the same way.

What reaction do nails and vinegar create?

If referring to the effect of vinegar on finger and toe nails, vinegar is used to cure fungus. It can also weaken the enamel of the nail due to the acidity of the liquid.

Does apple cider vinegar cause diverticulitis?

Apple cider vinegar can cause diverticulitis because of the acid content. However, at times it can help to cure it if it balances out the pH in the person's body.