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Well sometimes if you drink it straight from the bottle then you get this strange disease called bucket head

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Q: Does vanilla do anything for you?
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What can you substitute for vanilla pod?

You can use is to make vanilla pastry, vanilla sugar, vanilla ice-cream, practically anything! Just search on good food, or any other food websites, for recipes using vanilla pods and there you go!

How does Danncy brand pure vanilla compare with McCormick vanilla extract?

Danncy has a very unique flavor-- unlike anything else I have ever tried. To me, it's the absolute best vanilla out there. It is extremely rich, so rich, that you only need half of the vanilla normally required.

What are the best sports songs?

We are the Champions, Are You Ready for This, the Hey song,and anything by Vanilla Ice.

What do you feed a squid on Minecraft?

Currently you can't feed a squid anything on Vanilla Minecraft (vanilla meaning without mods). There may be some mods that allow you to though.

Does anyone have a good glaze recipe?

Here is a vanilla glaze recipe: Hope you find it useful. If you don't, then go on and see if they have anything.

Can too much vanilla extract make you sick?

Consuming too much vanilla extract can cause stomach upset, nausea, and headaches due to its high alcohol content. However, the amount needed to cause illness is typically much higher than what is normally used in baking. It's best to use vanilla extract in moderation to avoid any potential adverse effects.

What does Vanilla Extract do in a cheesecake?

In a cake, vanilla essence helps to add to the flavor and aroma of the cake, along with bring out some of the deeper, richer tones of other flavors.

Is unflavored yogurt the same as vanilla yogurt?

both are yogurt yes, but one is flavored vanilla, the other is without any added flavor. No, anything unflavored is something that doesn't have any artificial flavor or any natural flavor in it. Vanilla is either an artificial flavor or a natural flavor, therefore unflavored yogurt and vanilla yogurt are not the same thing.

When vanilla is an ingredient is it vanilla sugar or vanilla extract?

Unless specified otherwise vanilla in a recipe is generally vanilla extract.

Is a vanilla bean a fruit?

Yes, anything that is part of a fruiting body (it is a seed pod) is considered a fruit. It is a legume fruit. Vanilla pods are the ovary of an Orchid, this makes them botanically fruits. (Orchids are not legumes but the terms pod and bean are used for both legumes and vanilla thus causing confusion.) In cooking vanilla is a spice. The definition of the term "fruit" is somewhat different in cooking and botany.

What rhymes with Gorilla gorilla?


What are the benefits of buying essential oil vanilla wholesale?

Buying anything wholesale, especially vanilla essential oil will in the long run save you money. While it will be expensive to buy at first, the price per unit will be lower.