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yes it does it can cause various types of skin cancer and can afeect the function of the brain.

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Q: Does ultra violet light affect the body?
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Can the honey bee see ultraviolet light?

A honey bee's colour vision extends well into the ultra violet range of the spectrum so thay can see ultra violet light.

Should you stay in the sun?

Yes, sunlight is good for our body. It stimulates our body to create proteins, just like it helps with photosynthesis in plants. The only thing you need to look out for are UV-rays. The sunlight consists of 'normal' light rays, infrared rays and Ultra-Violet rays. The Ultra-Violet rays are harmful for the human body. It can cause skin cancer when the body is exposed for too long.

How does a violet wand work?

You may be referring to an ultra violet light, hand held, which causes certain substances to fluoresce under the UV light. Body oils, semen, blood, fingerprints, security marks on stamps and banknotes are all applications for this simple technique.

Does sitting in the sauna darken your skin tone?

No. A sauna is (in simple terms) a steam bath. In order for your skin to darken, the melanin in your body needs to react with ultra-violet light.

Who does the song for the michelob ultra light commercial?

The song is "my body" by Young the Giant. That is the latest one.

What does UV-A stand for?

UV-A is an abbreviation for ultra-violent rays. Ultra-violent rays can cause melanin cell reproduction, which causes tanning. It also can cause severe skin damage if the body's skin is exposed for too long.

What colors does violet absorb?

Black is the color that really absorbs the sun. Since its dark only light colors will reflect the sun.

What kind of radiation is least harmful to humans?

External to the body, alpha is not dangerous because it is easily stopped by the skin, but it becomes dangerous if ingested because it can then access internal sensitive organs directly. For electromagnetic radiation, visible light and infra-red are the least damaging. Ultra-violet causes sunburn)

What body tissue does ultra sound heat first?

There shouldn't be any heating of anything with ultra sound. Not strong enough to affect the tissue in that way. The machine simply records the difference in density and produces a picture.

Does the human body use copper?

The body has to maintain a small percentage of copper. It is needed especially in the liver and muscles, as well as other parts of the body. A deficiency can lead to a drop in metabolism, high triglycerides, higher sensitivity to ultra-violet light, or depression. In contrast, an overdose of copper can be fatally toxic and copper consumption has been used to commit suicide.

The colors of the visible spectrum can be measured in units of?

The colors of the visible spectrum can be measured in units of nanometers (nm), which represent the wavelength of light. Each color in the visible spectrum corresponds to a specific range of wavelengths, from around 380 nm (violet) to 700 nm (red).

Is the energy released in nuclear fission immediately converted into light that leaves the sun?

Nuclear fission is not occurring in the sun, the source of the sun's energy is nuclear fusion, which is the joining of light nuclei, isotopes of hydrogen. This process does not itself produce light. It produces heat, and the sun's surface radiates light because it is hot, incandescent in fact. As a body radiating light, the sun acts the same as a black body heated to about 6000 degC would do. The sun is not a black body of course, this is the physicist's way of describing the radiated energy. As well as visible light there is also infra-red and ultra-violet radiation, that is above and below the visible range of frequency. See the related question which is linked below.