Does tooth paste kill germs

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Does tooth paste kill germs
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Is there any drugs that kill germs already in the tooth?

coffee or anything that contains caffene

What toothpaste kills bacteria?

mouth is full of germs .nothing can remove it.brushing removes only some amount of germs.

Is tooth paste acidic?

tooth paste is alkaline

Why do they call tooth paste tooth paste?

It is called tooth paste because the paste is for cleaning you teeth for example it can protect your teeth from cavities or gum pain also can whiten you teeth with special tooth paste products and you brush it on to your teeth TOOTH-PASTE.

Does boiling your toothbrush kill germs?

It certainly does it kill most of the bacteria and germs but you might want to use mouth wash, it also kills and using anti bacterial soup and scrub it on your tooth brush.. Rinse the tooth brush well. That really helps. Hoped I helped. (: ps: your tooth brush should be boiled for 5-10 mins.

Does using tooth paste to fix a scratched game really work?

tooth paste? are you kidding? you cant fix a game with tooth paste

What cleans teeth better baking soda or tooth paste?

Tooth paste

How do you say tooth paste in french?

tooth paste is 'du dentifrice' (masc.) in French.

What is world famous paste?

tooth paste

Is tooth paste poisonous?

Tooth paste is not at all poisonous.. if it was then well we couldn't use it on your teeth

Can you buy cat tooth paste at petco?

Yes, Petco sells tooth paste for animals.

Is there brine shrimp in tooth paste?

yes I work for a tooth paste company and we put them in there my boss wants to make tooth paste healthy because brine shrimp are healthy for you