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The lifetimewarranty, no.

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Q: Does the powertrain warranty on a Dodge carry over to new owner?
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Is the 2008 dodge caliber transmission warrantied for life?

The first owner has a lifetime powertrain warranty. The dealer can answer what is covered under "powertrain".

Does the lifetime powertrain warranty on 2008-2009 Jeep vehicles stay in effect for new owners?

No, the lifetime powertrain warranty is good for the first owner only.

Options In Car Warranties?

When you begin to think about Car Warranties, you may think that you have enough of a warranty since you just purchased your vehicle, or it is relatively new and is still under warranty. The factor that so many people fail to consider is that a new car warranty just does not last for very long: Three years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first) is the typical new car warranty. While this is a complete warranty in most cases and will cover nearly everything on the car, it will not normally cover mishaps with tires or other vehicle repairs that are deemed to be the fault of the customer. However, with mechanical failure the repair will be covered under a new car warranty. But what happens when that warranty runs out? The car owner will be left with no warranty, and all repairs will be entirely out of the car owner's pocket.Some new car owners feel very secure knowing that they have purchased a car with a powertrain warranty. These powertrain warranties often last for 100,000 miles and are sometimes even called "lifetime" warranties although that term is misleading. A powertrain warranty is designed to keep the major systems in the car running, but nothing more. In most cases, a powertrain warranty will cover the car engine, the vehicle transmission, and the vehicle's differential. If the car has a major repair issues that falls into one of these categories in a powertrain warranty, the warranty will normally cover that repair. However, any other repair that is needed on the car will not be covered. Fuel system issues, brake issues, car alarm problems, or anything else will not be covered issues under a powertrain warranty. The powertrain warranty will run out at a certain designated point, which may be as much as 100,000 miles but is often a good deal lower depending on the car manufacturer.Extended Car Warranties are another type of warranty that is an optional purchase. When you buy a new or used (usually a car less than three years old can buy an extended warranty also) car from a dealer, you will frequently be asked if you wish to purchase this type of added coverage. An extended warranty is there to pick up where the original car warranty leaves off, and will normally provide full warranty coverage. While it will incur an extra cost (often, this can be added to the monthly car payment for convenience) it is considered to be a wise investment in the life of your car.

Do manufacturer warrantys transfer when you buy a used dodge?

"It really depends on the manufacturer. In most cases, it will transfer. This is because the warranty follows the car and not the owner. There may be exceptions depending on the warranty, but in those cases it may be possible to transfer the warranty with an additional fee."

Is it better to buy a used car by owner, or from a used car dealership?

If you are mainly looking to get the best price that you can for a vehicle, you are normally better off buying a used car from a private owner, as they are usually more motivated to sell. If you are looking for a vehicle with a warranty, you will be able to find used cars at a dealership that carry a warranty.

Define dodge term powertrain warranties?

= From = = LIFETIME POWERTRAIN LIMITED WARRANTY = ---- INTRODUCING THE BEST WARRANTY COVERAGE IN THE BUSINESS ON SELECT NEW CHRYSLER, JEEP, & DODGE VEHICLES.The Chrysler Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty is the first of its kind to be offered by any automaker. Ever. Because with this warranty, you're covered, and it lasts for as long as you own your vehicle. OUR LIFETIME POWERTRAIN LIMITED WARRANTY IS THE ICING. OUR VEHICLES ARE THE CAKE.The big news is that this powertrain limited warranty applies to the vast majority of our great new Chrysler Vehicles.* If you ever dreamed about cruising around town in the unmistakable Chrysler 300, relax. You won't be left stranded by a short-term powertrain warranty/ Who is Covered?You are covered by the Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty if you are the first registered owner or lessee for use of the vehicle. Subsequent owners or lessees, even if they are within the same family or business, are not covered. Successor business entities or persons to whom the vehicle is transferred by operation of law are also not covered. What's Covered?The Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty covers the cost of all parts and labor needed to repair a powertrain component listed in section E below that is defective in workmanship and materials. There is no coverage for towing in the event of disablement. When it beginsThe Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty begins at the end of the Basic Limited Warranty. Excluded VehiclesSRT vehicles, Sprinter vehicles, diesel equipped vehicles, all Ram Cab/Chassis vehicles, rental vehicles and government vehicles are not covered. Vehicles used as a police vehicle, taxi, limousine, postal delivery vehicle, or ambulance are not covered by the Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty. Parts Covered The Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty covers these parts and components of your vehicle's powertrain: * Gasoline Engine:cylinder block and all internal parts; cylinder head assemblies; timing case, timing chain, timing belt, gears and sprockets; vibration damper; oil pump; water pump and housing; intake and exhaust manifolds; flywheel with starter ring gear; core plugs; valve covers; oil pan; turbocharger housing and internal parts; turbocharger wastegate actuator; supercharger; serpentine belt tensioner; seals and gaskets for listed components only. * Transmission: transmission case and all internal parts; torque converter; drive/flex plate; transmission range switch; transmission control module; bell housing; oil pan; seals and gaskets for listed components only. NOTE: MANUAL TRANSMISSION CLUTCH PARTS ARE NOT COVERED AT ANY TIME. * Front Wheel Drive: transaxle case and all internal parts; axle shaft assemblies; constant velocity joints and boots; differential cover; oil pan; transaxle speed sensors; transaxle solenoid assembly; PRNDL position switch; transaxle electronic controller; torque converter; seals and gaskets for listed components only. NOTE: MANUAL TRANSMISSION CLUTCH PARTS ARE NOT COVERED AT ANY TIME. * All Wheel Drive (AWD): power transfer unit and all internal parts; viscous coupler; axle housing and all internal parts; constant velocity joints and boots; driveshaft and axle shaft assemblies; differential carrier assembly and all internal parts; output ball bearing; output flange; end cover; overrunning clutch; vacuum motor; torque tube; pinion spacer and shim, seals and gaskets for listed components only. * Rear Wheel Drive: rear axle housing and all internal parts; axle shafts; axle shaft bearings; drive shaft assemblies; drive shaft center bearings; universal joints and yokes; seals and gaskets for listed components only. * Four-Wheel Drive (4X4): transfer case and all internal parts; transfer case control module and shift mode motor assembly; axle housing and all internal parts; axle shafts; axle shaft bearings; drive shafts assemblies (front and rear); drive shaft center bearings; universal joints and yokes; disconnect housing assembly; seals and gaskets for the listed components only. When Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty Does Not ApplyYou are not covered by the Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty if you are a second or subsequent owner of the vehicle. InspectionsIn order to maintain the Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty, the person or entity covered by this Powertrain Limited Warranty must have a powertrain inspection performed by an authorized Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealer once every 5 years. This inspection will be performed at no charge. The inspection must be made within sixty (60) days of each 5 year anniversary of the in-service date of the vehicle. You must have the inspection performed to continue this coverage. Other Provisions of This Powertrain Limited WarrantyAll other terms of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty including the Section 1 (Your Rights Under These Limited Warranties) and Section 3 (What's Not Covered) apply to this Powertrain Limited Warranty. 2006 Model Year Vehicles and 2007 Model Year Vehicles and 2008 Model Year Vehicles Sold and Delivered On or After July 26, 2007.

Is the free maintenance on the 2007 BMW 328i good for the second owner?

Yes. The warranty goes with the car, not the owner. This refers to factory warranty only.

Can a warranty deed be transferred back to original owner?

I'm not an attorney. A warranty deed can go back to the original owner. Why not? The original owner can acquire the property again; there is no law against that. The deed might still be a warranty deed, but if the deed has become clouded in some way while under other ownership, the original owner might possibly not receive a warranty deed when he gets the property back.

Where can I find information on my car warranty?

Call you dealer or check you owner's manual for all warranty information.

Is the remainder of the mfg warranty on a used Kia any good?

The warranty should be transferrable to the new owner.

Types Of Vehicle Warranties?

When you have just purchased a brand new car, or even a "new to you" car, you want to be absolutely certain that you have got plenty of coverage in case the unforeseen happens. Many people buy new cars today feeling quite secure that they have purchased a vehicle with a 100,000 mile warranty, or even just a 60,000 mile warranty- but these very long term warranties can be misleading.When you buy a vehicle it is very important that you are aware of precisely the type of warranty, if any, that will be included with your vehicle. Most of the very long term warranties are "powertrain only." This essentially means that only your motor, the differential,and the transmission will be covered in the event of breakdown. However, as any regular driver knows, there is a great deal more to a car than the powertrain. Any vehicle has many parts that can cause problems for the owner, from the ignition switch to the automatic power doors and windows.When you purchase your vehicle you may be offered a different type of vehicle warranty: The extended vehicle warranty. In some cases you can also purchase an extended vehicle warranty after you have had your vehicle for some time. With an extended vehicle warranty, you will be purchasing additional protection for your car, in many cases the "bumper to bumper" type of protection that a brand new car warranty will give you. With most new car warranties, the bumper to bumper warranty will expire after three years or a certain mileage limit (typically about 36,000 miles) so vehicles will then be either uncovered or will transition into the powertrain type of warranty.Many new car buyers feel that it is worth an investment in an extended vehicle warranty so that they are able to drive their car in the future years without fear of breakdown. When an issue with the car occurs, either the original warranty, the extended warranty, or the powertrain warranty (in the case of the engine, transmission, or differential breakdown) will cover the problem and give the owner a chance to get back on the road in the fastest time possible.Vehicle Warrantiesare a smart investment and will pay off in the years to come, both in peace of mind and in future potential auto repairs.

What kind of warranty is available for a used Lexus IS200?

The warranty on the vehicle depends on where the vehicle is purchased from. If it is purchased from the previous owner, they will likely not offer any warranty at all. If it is purchased from a used car dealership, the warranty would depend on the dealership's evaluation of the quality of the car after it's initial owner sold it.