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Q: Does the passage above claim that dry cleaning definitely poses a danger to human health?
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Can a water pump be cleaned if it has oil in it or does it have to be replaced?

I would definitely replace the water pump, cleaning it could result in serious health issues

Is mastubrain is danger for health?

Masturbation is not dangerous for your health.

Where online can I learn more about ductwork cleaning, and who to hire for such a job?

First, you definitely want a professional to do your duct cleaning. The EPA has a page dedicated to this subject and how it may relate to health problems. Here's a link:

What is haelth?

something that represents a danger to your health

Is there any danger to health from golden showers?

Urine is sterile, so there is not any danger, so long as there is not an existing health condition with the person who is urinating.

Are extremophiles harmful to plants and humans?

Some extremophiles can be harmful to plants and humans, while others have beneficial properties. The harmful ones may cause diseases or damage to plants and animals, while the beneficial ones can contribute to processes like bioremediation and agriculture. It depends on the specific extremophile and its interaction with its environment.

How does the information in the first passage differ from the information in the second passage?

The first passage discusses the benefits of exercise for physical health, while the second passage focuses on the benefits of meditation for mental health. The first passage emphasizes the importance of staying active to improve physical fitness, while the second passage highlights how meditation can reduce stress and anxiety.

What is haelth hazard?

something that represents a danger to your health

Are magnets a danger for health on refrigerators?

No, magnets used on refrigerators are not a danger to health. They are safe and do not pose any risks to people.

Is there a health risk in being a ghost hunter?

definitely- check your mental health

Can a state be sued for placing a citizen's health in danger?


Is it danger for my health the yellow urine?

Drink more water