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It definitely does have an atmospheric component. When organic material is decomposed some of the microorganisms involved in doing this, called denitrifying bacteria, extract the nitrogen from the organic material and put it back in the atmosphere. Other bacteria take nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it into substances that plants can use. Thus the atmosphere serves as an enormous pool of nitrogen for life. Please see the wikipedia article about the nitrogen cycle for more information.

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Q: Does the nitrogen cycle has no atmospheric component?
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Does the nitrogen cycle have no atmospheric component?

phosphorus cycle is the only one with no atmospheric component.

Why is it difficult to integrate nitrogen gas from the atmosphere into the nitrogen cycle of the biosphere?

Few organisms can directly utilize atmospheric nitrogen gas.

In the nitrogen cycle are there any abiotic conversions of atmospheric nitrogen to biologically active nitrogen such as nitrate or ammonia?

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Which component of the carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle captures the energy from the sun?

Plants are a part of the nitrogen and carbon cycles and it captures the energy from the sun.

What is the second largest component of atmospheric gases?

Oxygen (~21%) is second to nitrogen (~78%) in the composition of Earth's atmosphere.

How do bacteria help the nitrogen cycle?

Actually nitrogen exist in the atmosphere in dinitrogen (N2) form and cannot be utilized directly. As such bacteria help in converting atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia which then can be used by the plants.

What fixes atmospheric Nitrogen?

oxygen fixes atmospheric nitrogen

What is the need of fixing atmospheric nitrogen find out the various ways by which atmospheric nitrogen is fixed?

Why does atmospheric nitrogen need to be converted?

What is nitrogen a component?

Nitrogen is a component of a protein.

What is nitrogen a component of?

Nitrogen is a component of a protein.

Why is bacteria critical to nitrogen cycle?

Because nitrifying bacteria can fix atmospheric nitrogen in to chemical compounds. This nitrogen fixed by bacteria is utilized by plants in making proteins. Again several microbes including bacteria decompose organic matter in to inorganic compounds. Thus nitrogen cycle is maintained by the activity of bacteria, hence these are critical to nitrogen cycle.

Why do bacteria play a role in the nitrogen cycle?

Some bacteria have the ability to "fix" nitrogen, that is they can utilize gaseous (atmospheric) nitrogen to produce organic compounds. (They can all break down compounds to free nitrogen too.)