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It was used prior to Hitler's rule as a good luck sign. The name of the sign is 'Swastika'.

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Q: Does the nazi symbol mean peace?
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Is the swastika a symbol of a god?

It used to mean peace before the Nazi's began to use it.

What is the purpose of Swaskita?

don't you mean the swastika? the swastika was the nazi symbol. don't you mean the swastika? the swastika was the nazi symbol.

What does the symbol on the Holocaust flag mean?

It is the Nazi symbol, the swastika.

Is the swastica a symbol of peace?

actually, you could say that because the native Americans used the symbol in weaved rugs and sand painting's. they it is a symbol of freedom. yet to many who don't know that it can be mistaken for a Nazi symbol which you can tell that that's not a symbol of peace Sort of its traditionally a Indian symbol representing peace however the Nazi version is tilted 45 degrees so half and half realy

What is the name of the patch on Hitlers arm?

The nazi symbol or Swastica is the hindu sign of peace. But the answer to your question is the Swastica.

Where did the nazi symbol come from?

It came from early Christianity, though I don't know what year, but you can see the link. The symbol was a meaning of peace, life, but was twisted in WW2.

What does the name susanthika mean?

Symbol of Shine & Peace

What does the crane symbol mean in some Asian?


What does the Nazi symbol look like?

The Nazi symbol has been described as a twisted cross. Search for an image of a swastika to see the Nazi symbol.

What does the peace sighn mean?

The Peace Sign is, basically, a symbol of peace. Usually people use it to express their want for world peace.

What do the colors red and yellow mean in china?

its a symbol of peace

What does the peaces symbol mean?

A peace symbol is a representation or object that has come to symbolize peace. Several different symbols have been used throughout history, of which the dove, olive branch, and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament symbol (The peace symbol) are perhaps the best known.