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You should keep your tongue back as far as you can, as that will delay the taste. But, you'll eventually taste it and theres nothing you can do about it as the glue particles are stuck to your teeth! 3m makes it and they say on the bottle it tastes like cherries, it doesn't!! My a lot, then go to bed early and when you wake up it will be gone!
it... tastes gluey :D

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Q: Does the glue in braces taste bad?
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Why do some orthodontist file teeth after braces?

to smooth them. they have residue from the glue on the braces and they have to file it off so your not walking around with glue on your teeth.

Does glue taste good?

No super Glue doesn't taste good.

Do braces hurt while putting them on?

To me the braces doesn't hurt. Before thinking of getting braces think of a person putting super glue on your teeth it doesn't hurt that bad. Then you can choose your color for your braces 1 time every month. But if you put your braces like when you are 17 it hurts more so I recommend you to do your braces as soon as possibleI took out my braces already. =]

Does super glue taste good?

No super Glue doesn't taste good.

Why does licking the envelope for the census taste bad?

it is a special glue that makes it so the envelope wont open

Do they put glue on the teeth to keep the braces on?


How do you get braces removed?

they heat up the glue with a laser gun, then they tug on the little bracket, and file down the remaining glue.

What does it mean when you taste glue from envelopes?

The taste is not harmful, but it does mean you have a good sense of taste.

Is icing like glue?

very similar but no it has a better taste. not saying that i ever tryied glue but i bet it is a whole lot better taste

How do braces cost and do they hurt?

Braces 101Braces Don't Hurt, The Glue Just Taste Horrible, Afterwards It Might Hurt A Bit Afterwards But Otherwise NO! Eat Soft Food, Like Ice-Cream, Crumpets, Soft White/Brown Bread ect, ect... Don't Poke The Braces, Or It Might Come Off, That's What You Don't Want!!! ASk Questions For More Answers!!

Could wearing braces cause bad health?

I have never heard of any bad health as a result of braces. I had braces when I was a teenager and it never affected my health.

Can the brace glue stick to your cheek?

It can but the assistants are there to make sure that it doesn't. Don't worry nothing will happen and your cheeck wont be stuck to your braces! No it cant because when they apply the braces they cement the glue with a blue light that causes it to dry!