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Absolutely. The sensations that were perceive through our senses are what has been guiding us for millions of years to know what is good to do and what is not so good to do when we were in nature. Things that are good for us are generally pleasurable, and things that are not are painful or unpleasant. Our senses told us if food was good or bad, if there was danger around, and who would be a good sex partner. The two things that are most enjoyable to people is what has kept us alive and reproducing so proficiently, eating and mating. So, as a survival tool, the ability to enjoy sensations is actually what drives our survival. We lost a lot of the natural use for our senses as our cultures and technologies changed the world around us with artificial stimulation in advertising, media, and entertainment. The sensations that were meant to help us survive are now leading us in the opposite direction when we see all the poor health, disease, and violence around us.

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Q: Does the enjoyment of your sensations serve any survival purpose?
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