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Yes ... Some insureds have full glass coverage, others may have a deductible to satisfy before the insurance pays.

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Q: Does the car Insurance cover it when a rock hits the car windsheld?
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What does home insurance cover?

is there coverage if a rock hits a home

If your tire picks up a rock and it hits the windshield of the car behind you are you liable for the damage to the windshield?

No, this is the same as those big trucks that say that they are not responsible if you are following too close, and a rock hits your windshield. If it happens, the other person is just SOL unless they have insurance that will cover it. The short answer is no. From the perspective of an insurance company this is seen as a road hazard or "Act of God" rather than an act of negligence and is covered if you have comprehensive coverage.

Who would I turn a claim into if a rock from my mower hit and dented another persons car?

You wouldn't unless you have insurance on your lawnmower.

Does homeowners insurance cover a window cracked by a rock thrown by your own lawnmower?

It should, but you need to check your policy. It may be cheaper just to replace it yourself.

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What company would fix rock chipped windshields?

If you have triple A they will come out and repair it often times. Otherwise, check with your insurance company or with a local auto body shop to see if they will cover it for free.

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