Does the PNS slow down or speed up HR?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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slow down

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Q: Does the PNS slow down or speed up HR?
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What is the speed of satellite?

A satellite has to maintain 1800miles/hr. around the Earth. If its speed were to speed up the satellite would fly off in to space. If the satellites speed were to slow down it would come crashing into Earth.

What is the scope of HR managers?

slow down everything.

What is the fastest top speed of a speed boat?

nearly 3 and a half km/h ++ I think there's a 0 missing there, or a mistaken conversion. 3.5km/hr is slow walking-speed!

When do you use the numbers on the gear shift?

I dont as such drive,but can ride a motorbike manuall, but you use the numbers 1 to 4 as you progress in speed,upon average your first gear is to start of(10-15 miles an hr) as you gain speed you change up a gear,as you slow down you change down gears.

What is Pluto's day revolution?

Pluto rotates at a relatively slow speed of about 47.1 km/hr (at the equator), making its day about 6.4 Earth days long.

What was the speed of a locomotive?


Who is the fastest bowler in criket?

Shoiab Akhter recorded speed 100.7 Miles/Hr in SA Jeff Thompson recorded speed 100.4 Miles/Hr in Aus Brett Lee recorded speed 99.5 Miles/Hr in Aus

10 km per hr therefore what is the speed?

That's the speed.

What does the index of refraction best describe?

Refractive index is the ratio of speed in a vacumme as to speed of light in a medium. The slowest speed of light is attain by use extremely cold sodium atom as light medium and it is succeed to slow down the speed of light from 186,000 Mile/second to 38 Mile/hr (300,000,000 m/s -> 17 m/s). This account to refractive index of 17,621,000

A jet flew 1307 mi in 2.35 hr What was the average speed?

Speed by definition = distance/time; in this instance 1307 mi/2.35 hr = 556 mi/hr, to the justified number of significant digits.

How far can you drive in 5 hours and 14.4 minutes at a speed of 67 miles per hour?

60 mins = 1 hr distance = speed × time = 67 mph × (5 hr + 14.4 min) = 67 mph × (5 hr + 14.4 ÷ 60 hr) = 67 miles/hr × 5.24 hr = 351.08 miles.

How long does it take a rocket to get to ganymede at the speed of 40323?

That would depend on whether the given speed is in km/hr or miles/hr or m/s etc.