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The Acadia only needs regular 87 octane fuel. It is a myth that Premium will give you better mileage, power, or performance than Regular. If it is pinging on 87 octane then something is wrong with the timing of the engine.

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Q: Does the GMC Arcadia take regular or premium gas?
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How do you release the emergency brake on a gmc arcadia 2011?

push on the regular with right foot and with the left foot press on the emergency brake.

Who is the Actress in the GMC Arcadia?

Jama Williamson

What is a GMC arcadia used for?

"A gmc arcadia is an eight seater truck based SUV it is able to to woe the 5000-pound Acadia with aplomb. The handling is poised, body control in the twisties is excellent."

What new GMC car models will be introduced in 2013?

GMC car models to be introduced in 2013 include the Arcadia and Arcadia Denali. Others include the Terrain Denali and possibly the Terrain Eassist whilst the Granite model has been cancelled.

Where can one purchase a used GMC Arcadia?

You can purchase a used GMA Arcadia at almost any used car dealership. If they do not have one in stock, they can deal with other dealers to get one for you.

What type of gas does the gmc sierra Denali use?


What are this years' new GMC cars?

The new cars from GMC this year include new versions of the Yukon and the variant Yukon Denali. There are also updated versions of the Chevrolet and the Arcadia.

Do all GMC dealerships sell the Arcadia?

"GMC dealerships generally sell the Acadia SUV which is a moderate size type SUV. Contact your local GMC dealership or dealership in your state. Since it is a GMC product, you are most assured of finding one and even in the color you want."

How expensive are GMC Arcadias?

The starting price of a GMC Arcadia is around $32,000. Additional features can increase that price up to $48,000. However, local dealers and sales events can have prices anywhere from $25,000-30,000.

What is the best year of gmc acadia?

The 2013 GMC Arcadia has the most updated interior and technological advances. GMC has listened to consumers and made the buttons and dials larger for more ease of use, and add features such as center console controls and a touch screen in the dash.

How much for tax and licence on a GMC 2009 Arcadia?

It depends on where you purchase the vehicle, taxes are based on how much you bye after trade in. James, Classic Granbury Cherolet, Gmc, Buick, Pontiac 1-800-299-3700

How often should you change your oil in a 2008 gmc arcadia?

Follow the manufactures recommendation as listed in your owners manual or change it every 5,000 miles.