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Q: Does tab Benalgis 100mg used for Nerve weakness due over use of alcohol?
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What are the natural foods to cure nerve weakness?

How to cure nerve weekness

Symptoms for B-12 deficiency?

Anemia, weakness, fatigue, red-sore tongue, nerve degeneration Nerve degeneration is nerve damage or neuropathy.

What is the meaning of the idiom get a nerve from a can?

nerve from a can, nerve from a bottle: to gain a false sense of courage by drinking alcohol

What are possible effects of alcohol?

Drinking alcohol in moderation has been proven to promote better health and greater longevity than abstinence. Alcohol, or ethanol, is a poisonous chemical that has direct and toxic effects on nerve and muscle cells. The effects can be profound, and symptoms can include incoordination, weakness, seizures , memory loss, and sensory deficits.

What weakness may be associated with leprosy?

Thickened nerves accompanied by weakness of muscles supplied by the affected nerve are very typical of the disease.

List the reasons for performing a peripheral nerve functions assessment?

A peripheral nerve function test is performed to test the nerve function in the peripheral nerve. This test is often performed to when there is pain or weakness in the limbs.

What are some of the symptoms of a twisted nerve?

There are a lot of different symptoms of a twisted nerve. However, it is common that a twisted nerve is able to cause pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness along the path of the twisted nerve.

What is the medical term meaning nerve weakness?

NERVE PALSY. FOR Eg. Bells Palsy means weakness of Facial Nerve leading to paralysis of facial musculatureThat answer is not completely accurate. Nerve Palsy is a layman's term. The medical term is neurasthenia.

Where do you feel pain when the S1 nerve is pinched?

Pinching of the S1 nerve causes weakness in the ankle and numbness and pain in the sole and side of the foot

How does alcohol affect nerve cells?

It slows their action.

Is alcohol classified as a nerve depressants?

Alcohol is a Central Nervous System (CNS) depressant. It is also a neurotoxin.

Is alcohol a toxic drug?

Alcohol, in addition to being a drug in all senses of the word, is a neurotoxin (nerve poison).