Does staggered walking indicate poor health?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Quite possibly. Usually it indicates intoxication. AKA being "drunk". Which does cause poor health. But if you haven't been drinking.. You walk funny

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Q: Does staggered walking indicate poor health?
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This biplane only looks odd because of the staggered arrangement of wings. The heavy load staggered the poor donkey, but he carried on famously.

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Poor health can be alleviated to some degree by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, walking on a daily basis, elimilnating as much as possible, stress from your life and reading books like the Bible and other positive books. Poor health can sometimes be inherited and if this is the case, then a doctor needs to examine you to see what if anything, needs to be corrected. Seeing a physician at least once or twice a year--getting a physical examination--including a blood test, blood pressure and pulse checked--also helps to maintain good health.

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