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Yes, but it enters the bloodstream much quicker.

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Q: Does snorting pills have same effect as swallowing?
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Does snorting xanax have the same effect on blood testing as swallowing them?

Yes. Both ways will give you the same blood testing result. The only difference is snorting it will take effect faster.

Do taking pills and snorting pills give you the same effect?

yes, but snorting them brings the effect faster and stronger. don't go killin' yerself now. Ya hear? take it slow.

Can you swallow suboxone pills and get same effect?


Do painkillers have the same side effects if they are snorted I mean the same side effects you would have if you were taking them for medical reasons?

No snorting medicine would have a drug effect on you

What effects will you get by snorting a loratab?

The same as taking by mouth it just hits you faster by snorting them

Can you break a Valium in half?

It can, but it will not alter it's effect. The best effect will come from swallowing it whole. It is very uncomfortable, to take nasally and you would unlikely feel it at all. Injecting it will give not intensify it either but could lease to blindness or a stroke if done regularly. Cutting a tablet in half and swallowing it is OK. Crushing it and putting in applesauce will give the same effect as swallowing.

Can you get mono from snorting from the same straw?


Can you still have your period if you do not take the sugar pills?

Yes, you will still have your period if you don't take the sugar pills. The pills have no effect on your cycle. They are like a place holder to keep you in the habbit of taking your pills at the same time every day.

Do test results show up the same if snorting pain pills?

Yes, even though they are not taken PO (by mouth), it will still be excreted in urine. It will not only show up as an opioid, it will also show up exactly what pill it is, (ie: oxycodone, morphine, vicodin, ect) snorting pills of any kind is highly dangerous. It can cause erosion of your septum, and nares, as well as pneumonia. Not judging, just informing.

Is parachuting pills more effective than standard use?

Parachuting has the same effect, it just makes the pills get absorbed faster and all at once. if you parachute time released adderol or something, it could end bad because you would have too much of a dose in your system all at once, but i think its more effective than just swallowing them. it makes the pill(or drug) hit you faster and a whole lot harder.

What pill will give you the same effect as extacy?

The feeling you get from ecstasy is from the MDMA in the pill, which isn't found in any legal pills.

Does singular reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills?

No Singulair (montelukast) has no effect on birth control pill. It can be taken at the same moment (or in the same day) regularly.