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No sleeping a lot or not enough doesn't make you shorter

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No. DNA determines how tall you will be. Sleep, food, and other factors do not determine this.

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Q: Does sleeping a lot make you shorter?
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Does not sleeping make you shorter?

Not sleeping does not make you shorter, it can affect your health though. Not getting enough sleep or none at all can cause lots of problems.

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How does sleeping well make you look better?

if this is true i think you need a lot more sleep.

Can you loose weigt by wearing clothes in the shower?

NO, it is not safe and you can get a cold. However it can make you feel shorter because there is a lot of weight in you, doesn't mean you will be shorter basically dizzy.

If your boyfriend suddenly start eating a lot and sleeping a lot could you be pregnant?

Your boyfriends eating and sleeping habits have no bearing on whether you are pregnant.

Does sleeping with the window open make you sick?

No, may be it can make your sleeping deeper

Will over sleeping make you fat?

Over sleeping can make you fat because you are sleeping instead of moving. It can also slow your metabolism during the time you are sleeping.

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Can you get taller from sleeping a lot?

yes you will be 69 m