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i never had uncircumcised partner.

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Q: Does sex feel better uncircumcised
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Do woman like uncircumcised men?

Yes more then 80% of men are intact and among the minority of women who have had sex with bot most feel that intact is better.

Sex positions uncircumcised?

Uncircumcised and circumcised men generally use the same sex positions.

Does rough sex feel better than smooth sex?

rough sex is good, but smooth sex is better so it cannot hurt anybody!

Is sex still fun when you're circumcised?

No. Most women report that they can not feel the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised man during vaginal sex. However, some women may say it is easier to perform oral sex and masturbation on an uncircumcised penis.

When you get married which type of sex would be better?

The type of sex you and your spouse feel most comfortable with.

Why can't sex be better when the man has a circumcised penis?

Most people find sex isn't better with a circumcised penis. Uncircumcised penises tend to be more sensitive, since the head is protected by the foreskin. Circumcised men tend to have sex more forcefully, pounding faster and harder to achieve the level of stimulation necessary to feel sexual pleasure and reach orgasm. Since uncircumcised men are more sensitive they tend to not thrust as hard or as fast. Some women may enjoy this more, while others enjoy the more vigorous pounding common among circumcised men. It's simply a question of personal preference.

Does it feel better for a man during intercourse to be circumcised or not?

Circumcision leads to damage to the nerve ends on the glans of the penis as the protection for them has been cut away. this leads to the glans which are responsible for the majority of the pleasurable sensation to become less sensitive. Sex is definitely more pleasurable for the uncircumcised man.

Does sex feel better for men or women?

Only someone who has experienced both could answer that.

Do men use alochol to make up for sex when they dont get it from their wives?

They drink alcohol to make themselves feel better when they don't get sex.

Nine physical advantages of a fit body over an unfit body?

look better. feel better. nasty food. tired as heck. better sex ;)

Why do I feel like I want sex when I drink alcohol?

You may want sex just as much without alcohol. But the effect of alcohol is to make you feel artificially confident. So you may feel that you have a better chance with a particular woman than you really have.

What size do you want?

I'm 16 and gay I like boys to have huge weiners it makes sex feel way better The bigger the better.