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Gel on your hair

Yes, it can cause hair to be dry and fuzzy looking if the gel your using contains alcohol in it. It also depends if you color or use bleach products on your hair because they can damage your hair too.

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Q: Does putting gel in your hair damage it?
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What is hair gel used for?

Mostly person used hair gel for maintain a hair stylies but regular use for hair gel causes of hair damage.....

Does gel damage hair?

Every hair is different. But normally it does not damage hair. _________________ If the gel is heavily alcohol based, it can dry out the hair and scalp and fade artificial hair coloring.

Can putting sharpie in your hair damage it?

Can putting sharpie on your hair damage it

Does putting gel in dry hair look bad?


Can you use hair gel after you dye your hair?

Yes. It won't damage the color.

Can calamansi be use as an alternative hair gel?

Of course! But its acidity may damage your hair!

Is using hair gel like set wet and others good for the hair Will it create any damage to the hair?

A lot of hair gels have alcohol in them, which dries hair out. If your hair style needs gel to work, be sure to look for alcohol-free gel.

Why is gel used for styling hair?

Because it looks good when your hair is spiky because just imagine hairdressers putting cream in your hair

Does it damage hair over time to use hairspray or gel?

excessive use may damage your hair,but use in moderation,and make sure they are alcohol free.

Does hair gel damage your hair?

No, not if used in moderation. Also check the ingredients as you might be allergic to some of it, that could damage your hair or worse cause hair loss.

Do you put salt in your hair to make it curly?

No don't use salt, it might damage your hair. You can use a curl shaping gel.

How do you straighten your hair good?

If you want to have perfectly straight hair, it's important that you use some kind of heat gel to insure minimum damage. Seperate your hair into this sections so that you can get around the whole lot. When you've straightened it completely, apply the heat gel again to ensure minimun damage ;)