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Not at all your period will only stop when a egg has been fertalised your body will function normally till then

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Q: Does protected sex delay your period?
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If you have protected sex the day before are supposed to have your period and your period does not come can it be a sign for a late period or pregnancy if so what are the chances?

Usually, that close to a period sex will cause a delay in the period for a day or two.

What can delay your period?

Almost anything can delay your period; stress, pregnancy, lack of needed vitamins or sleep, and sex.

If your period ends today is it okay to have protected sex?

It's okay to have protected sex at any point in your cycle, even when you are on your period!

Can rough sex delay a woman's period?

No it can not. The only reason a woman's period would be delayed after rough sex, is that she became pregnant.

Can you be fertile 2 days after you had your period and had protected sex?

Yes, you could be fertile 2 days after your period. However, if you had protected sex, the chances of you getting pregnant are low

Is it normal that after rough sex 10 days before her period to make her period date be delayed?

Answer I hardly think that would delay her periode unless you weren't wearing a condom, in which case a trip to the local doctor may be in order. It is possible to delay her period if she is is the nature of sex.

Does grapefruit delays period?

I don't think any fruit can. Nothing can really delay your period other than sex.

If you had protected sex a little over a month ago and have a period could you be pregnant?


What does it mean when your period is 11 days late and you had protected sex?

it means your pregnant

If you have protected sex the day before you are supposed to have your period and you miss your period can that be sign for pregnancy?

Not really. Often your period can be delayed a day or so by sex. If you haven't had a period in several weeks take a test.

I had protected sex 4 days before my period am i pregnant?

If you had 'protected' sex then it is very unlikely to be pregnant if you used contraception. But if you had 'unprotected' sex obviously your risk goes up but is very low because your period is starting meaning that the lining of the womb is breaking up causing a period. But if you don't get your period you should consider taking a pregnancy test.

If im supposed to start your period tomorrow how can you delay it with the pill?

As much as most of us would love to delay our period, it is not usually advised. Your menstrual cycle is a natural occurence that serves an important purpose. If you are considering sex, perhaps you should delay it for a few days.