Does poison gets expired

Updated: 9/21/2023
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No, they become worst.

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Q: Does poison gets expired
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Is an expired poison still poisonous?

Basically some poison contain expiration date and some are not. This is to direct the consumer about the effectively of the product. The expired poison is still poisonous but the grade is lesser. Furthermore expired poison contained more hideous consequences when accidentally induced

If poison ivy gets on honeysuckles and you drink the honey will you get poison ivy?

No, you will not get poison ivy.

What to do if you drink a expired medicine?

Call poison control center, or 911. But FAST though.

Who gets ticketed for an expired inspection sticker?

The driver.

What happens when your dog gets poison?

he dies

Who gets the ticket for expired tags?

The driver, even if the owner is different.

How could a poison dart frog kill you?

since your skin absorbs so the poison gets on your skin and kills you.

What bug gets poisoned by eating bugs?

poison frog

What is the first aid when you swallow the expired medicine?

contact poison control and I'm certain you will be advised to induce vomiting with Ipecac syrup


Poison counters are an alternate form of life. Creatures with infect deal damage in poison counters, and if a player gets ten, they lose.

Does whey protein powder gets expired?

it will say a best before date on the tub :)

Can I beat a an expired tag traffic ticket?

Yes, a person can 'beat' and expired tag traffic ticket in most states. If a person gets the car inspected and gets a new tag before the court date, the ticket is usually dismissed.