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Q: Does our brain go to sleep when you are asleep?
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Does the brain produce electrical activity while you are asleep?

The brain is electrically active both during sleep and while awake. The brain produces more activity when a person sleeps When a person is asleep, the brain goes through different stages of sleep. With each stage of dreaming, there is increase of neuronal activity.

Where does a person go when they sleep?

Sleeping persons do not go anywhere when they sleep; they remain in bed or in whatever place they were when they fell asleep. Dreams take place within the person's mind, within the brain. No other location is involved.

Why is half of my brain feel asleep?

Not necessarily. The brain is constantly working regardless of whether you're awake or asleep. Some areas, however, will be more active when sleep and some when you're awake.

How to fool asleep faster?

There are several sleep aids that can help you go to sleep quicker.

How do you get horses prepare to sleep?

they go to sleep standing up and just fall asleep when they want to

What is correct to say you were sleep or asleep?

It is correct to say "you were asleep." "Asleep" is the correct adjective to describe the state of being in sleep or unconsciousness. "You were sleep" would be grammatically incorrect.

How does the brain work when your asleep?

Even when your asleep your brain is still at work. When we fall asleep we go through different stages. Some scientist think that when you fall asleep the brain sorts information it has been receiving during the day. Some information gets rid of and some gets filled in your memories. :)

What controls sleep?

Neurotransmitters in the brain are in charge of whether someone is asleep or awake. When the brain begins to produce neurotransmitters like melatonin, someone will begin to feel sleepy.

Is it ok to listen to classical music while you sleep?

Listening to classical music can help stimulate your brain. It also reduces stress and helps you relax. I think it has no affect on you whilst asleep. Go for it!

What is the difference between sleep and asleep?

to be "asleep" means to be in the process of "sleeping".

Why can't people with concussions sleep?

To ensure that brain damage has not occurred, if it has, the person could die and not wake up if they fall asleep.

How can your brain start dreaming if you are not yet asleep?

yes, the first period of sleep, known as ''dexroxia'' is a period where ''daydreams'' occur, right before when you fall asleep. You could also simply be daydreaming.