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Q: Does nose continue to grow after you have stopped growing?
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Do children continue to grow?

Hello, To answer your question, yes, children do continue to grow. You don't stop growing 'till your 30 years old. But, your nose, ears, hair and nails keep on growing your whole lifetime. So in conclusion, yes children continue growing, but so do you. I hope this somewhat answered your question.

Do your ears continue to grow all your life?

Of course they do, when your a baby you start out with small ears and a nose but they grow. They usually stop growing about age 13. And when you look at a pic of when you are a toddler and a pic of you now, there is a difference! Feet continue to grow throughout your lifetime as well.

Which part of the body does not stop grow from birth?

Hair, Cells, Nails. Your muscles, bones, and organs stop growing after it reaches maturity, but honestly i don't know if your nose and ears continue to grow

Does everyone grow?

Yes, everyone does grow. Unless you have a diesease where you can't, but other than that, everyone does grow. Your body stops growing at 30 years old and up, but your nose, ears and hair will continue to grow, even your nails, throughout your whole lifetime.

Does your nose get bigger as you age?

No. can you feel your feet growing? i didn't think so.

Which two parts of your body continue to grow thought your lifetime?

Ears and nose

Does your nose change as you grow?

Yes. Noses are made of cartilage, which keeps growing through out your life.

How much does your nose grow in a lifetime?

There is no specific length when your nose will stop growing. The nose will tend to stop growing once you are in adulthood. However, your nose will begin to droop, making it appear longer due to gravity.

What two parts of the body continue to grow for your entire life?

Your nose. After adults have reached their full height, some parts of their bodies continue to grow. Name these parts. toenails, fingernails, actually shrink when you grow older because the platelets in between your spinal segments flatten Any part of your body that is made of cartilage continues to grow. As in Ears and Nose. Of course there are fingernails and hair but I wouldn't consider those "body parts." Hope that helped.Your liver heals itself and lives forever unless it loses that capability due to fat, disease, or alcohol. Your nails and hair grow your entire life.

Does your nose stop growing when your 18?

your nose never stops growing

Does your head get bigger as you grow older?

No. One way to prove that is to measure your height. At some point, in your life you stop getting taller, which means your head too has stopped growing. However, your face (not your head) will get larger as you age because your hair recedes showing more forehead, your face will have more fat especially under the chin, and your ears and nose will continue to grow.

Does nose get bigger with age?

not really. what happens though is that the surrounding soft tissue collapses, sags and pulls back, making the nose look bigger in comparison. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your nose does, however, get longer every time you tell a lie.