Does nadia buari have kids

Updated: 9/16/2023
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She does not have any kids. As of January 2014, Nadia has been dating Jim Iyke a Nigerian actor, who had featured in a number of Nigerian movies.

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Q: Does nadia buari have kids
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Is nadia buari have kids?


Who is Michael essien's wife?

Nadia Buari

Is nadia buari pregnant?

no she isn't pregnant

Is nadia buari a Muslim?

No she is not she is christian I think

Who is nadia buari dating now?

micheal essien

How can you contact Nadia buari directly?

by mobile phone

Is nadia buari dating?

more than that!! =========== Yes, she is

Does nadia buari has a child with essien?

No she doesn't have any child

Is vanvicker datin nadia buari?

no not dating married to tom cruise

Does Nadia Buari have a boyfriend?

yeah she have boyfried his name is Micheal ================ His name is Michael Essien

Did nadia Buari ever fallen in love with Van Vicker?

yes ================= No, only in the movies but not in real life. :)

Is nadia buari half white?

no her parent are both black, her mom is a little bit light skin. it has to do with genes.