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You should check with your home builder as to the exclusions if any to your new home warranty and what is covered. It would be advisable to take out extra coverage to warranty any problems which the initial home warranty may not cover.

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Q: Does my new build home require a home warranty?
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Does the new home warranty act mean that a builder has to provide you with a free warranty?

In your state your builder does have to provide you with a home owner warranty. The New Home Warranty Act is also a protection of the builder and you as a buyer must give the builder the opportunity to make repairs to the home before suing. You can read the entire document here:

What kind of warranty should a prospective homeowner ask new home builders to provide?

A new homeowner should ask a builder for a warranty that covers free repair to workmanship of the home for at least a year. You should look for a longer warranty for items such as the roof and furnace.

What is a home warranty?

Warranty - In commercial and consumer transactions, a warranty is an obligation or guarantee that an article or service sold is as factually stated or legally implied by the seller, and that often provides for a specific remedy such as repair or replacement in the event the article or service fails to meet the warranty (source- wikipedia) Real Estate warranty Some states require that all builders use a third party warranty (Texas). Check the laws for new construction. In other markets you need to look at market practices. If all the competition is offering a home warranty then you can be at a competitive disadvantage if you fail to do so. The perceived value to the buyer can be much greater the physical cost so consider adjusting prices to cover any added cost.

What types of extended warranty does Home Depot provide for new Brinkman grills?

Home Depot is not currently offering any free extended warranties on the new Brinkman grills. You can, however, purchase a warranty when you purchase the grill for an additional fee.

Cost per square foot to build a new home in Madison Wisconsin?

The cost per square foot to build a new home in Madison, Wisconsin, runs about $110. This means that a 2500 square foot home would cost about $275,000 to build.

What does the Sony ps3 warranty cover and what does the ps3 gamestop warranty cover?

The Gamestop warranty is for rebuilt PS3s and the Sony warranty is for new and lasts a year. You do not compare a used warranty with a new item warranty.

Can homeowners insurance cover a new heater if faulty?

No, but if you have a home warranty policy that policy may cover it.

In today's economy, is it cheaper to buy or build a new home?

It's always cheaper to buy a used home than to build new. It's much like purchasing a car.

Is the seller responsible for your leaking roof of your new home?

No. Once you bought it its yours. If you have some type of home warranty maybe it would be covered.

What does a new home warranty cover?

Home Warranties typically cover appliances and other non-structural items such as plumbing and electrical systems. If the house is newly built then the builder will have warranty on structure of the home too for a limited amount of time, and the coverage varies. Shoran

What type of warranty comes with Feldco Windows?

The Feldco company provides a warranty for the life of the windows. This warranty is also transferable to new owners if a home is sold by the original owners. It covers any defects and any problems caused during installation.

Can you claim new iPhone 4 if home button brakes?

Provided its not your fault you should be able to get it repaired and the handset is not out of warranty. If your phone is affected altogether you might get a replacement but again this depends on the warranty.