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Medicare has nothing to do with auto insurance. Medicare is a Federal program of medical care for the elderly. During one's working life, Medicare taxes are paid to provide the benefit upon retirement or disability.

What you may be referring to is "medical payments coverage". It is a a coverage provided by auto policies that is available to pay a portion another party's medical bills in the event of a collision in which he/she is injured.

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Q: Does medicare require you to carry medical insurance in your auto policy?
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What is a medicare supplemental plan?

Medicare is medical insurance that the government provides at age 65- but it does NOT cover all medical expenses. A Medicare Supplement plan is additional insurance that you buy from a private company that will cover the medical expenses that Medicare does not cover.

Which insurance policy is never primary when the insured has more than one policy?


Is the cost of full dentures usually covered by insurance or Medicare?

Your insurance may cover dentures depending on the policy. Medicare does not cover dentures.

Car insurance can coverage medical payment on motorcycle accident?

If you put medical insurance on the policy when the policy was purchased.

Underwriting procedures of life insurance?

It depends primarily on which carrier, as well as the type of policy and benefit amount you are requesting. For instance, a $25,000 policy may not require much at all, whereas a $1 million policy will require a medical exam, and possibly the acquisition of medical records from your physician.

Who pays for what Medicare does not cover if you have no supplemental policy?

The receiver of the medical service; you.

Are life insurance benefits subject to confiscation by medicare?

Can Medicaid sieze the benefits of a life insurance policy

Are Medical Alert systems covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

Medicare does not cover medical alerts and your insurance usually won't either. However under specific circumstance Medicaid will pay for it and some states have laws which will subsidize medical alerts.

What medical screenings are Medicare recipients eligible for?

medicare does not covere preventative. you need a HMO/PPO policy or a supplement

Who decides what Medicare or Medicaid covers?

The coverages of medicare or medicaid are determined by a panel of experts consisting of medical personnel, actuaries, valuers of the respective Insurance Company. This panel of experts determines how many coverages can be admitted in a particular medical policy from the point of view of economy and sustainability. However, the Insurance Companies have social responsibility to provide medical coverage to common people at affordable cost.

Will your long term insurance pay if you are on medicare also?

Term insurance has no relationship with your medicare coverage. Term insurance sum assured amount is payable to the nominee of the policy holder only in case of any eventuality of the policy holder, to be precise, it is related to death benefit only. Where as medicare covers any illness/disease that occurs within the policy period of the insured person and are admissible on legitimate grounds.

How do you get a supplement insurance to Medicare when you are under 65?

If you are on Medicare due to disability or End Stage Renal Disease(is this the reason you have Medicare under age 65?), you will need to look into a Medicare Advantage Plan instead of a Medicare Supplement also called Medigap. This is what Medicare says: If you are a person with Medicare under age 65 and have a disability or ESRD, you might not be able to buy the Medigap (also called "Medicare Supplement Insurance") policy you want, or any Medigap policy, until you turn age 65. Federal law doesn't require insurance companies to sell Medigap policies to people under age 65. However, some states require Medigap insurance companies to sell you a Medigap policy, even if you are under age 65. For more info on Medicare Supplements: For more info on Medicare Advantage Plans: IMPORTANT NOTE: You must enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan before December 31, 2008 or you will need to wait until November 15, 2009 to enroll.