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Q: Does masterbution is a reason of hairloss in teenage?
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Can weightlifting and protein shakes cause hairloss?

No. Though steroid abuse may accelerate genetic hairloss.

Where can one find information on how Rogaine does work to prevent hairloss?

Information regarding how Rogaine is effective in preventing hairloss can be found directly on the Rogaine website, but also on forums dedicated to hair and hairloss discussions.

Every day continued masterbution it is bad or good?

if it feels good then it is good.

Are there any diseases in which hairloss is a symptom?


Is It Good Having Masterbution With 11 Year Old Guy?

I don't think so.

What usually is the reason teenage boys look for in girls?

because of hormones

Where can i get the best deals on hairloss treatments?

You can purchase hairloss treatments online at, or It would be beneficial online, therefore you can compare prices, read reviews and return your product with no hassle.

Does children with hairloss donate or sell hair?

they do nothing with their hair

Does daily masterbution is harmfull for coming wedding life?

No it is not. Many masturbate through out their lives incl marriage.

Why do some teenage girls make themselves look like slappers?

Some teenage girls make themselves look like slappers for different reason. For most of these teenage girls it is as a result of peer pressure and trying to fit in.

What is the reason of under-age pregnancy?

The reason for teenage pregnancy is teenagers dont have a lot of responsibility and if it runs in the family, that could be a resoult too.

Why do you have to be thirteen to have bebo?

That Is the age of which the teenagers start from. The reason why It Is as It Is Is Because Bebo was intended for teenage people.