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Q: Does massaging your feet effect your height?
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How do you spell 'massaging'?

Massaging is the correct spelling of this word.Some example sentences are:I am massaging your shoulders.He is busy massaging my feet at the moment.The cat is massaging the dog's forehead.

What is the best thing for tired feet?

elevation and massaging

What is the square feet of a house 24 feet x 34 feet x 12 feet high?

The square footage, or area, is 24' x 34' = 816 sq ft. The height has no effect on the area.

What is Njesuthi's height in feet?

the height is 10669 in feet.! ~sierra

How many square feet in a 9 x 9 x 9 room?

just 81, your last 9 is redundant, the height of the room has no effect on "square feet"

The height is 3212 feet what is the height expressed in yards and feet?

1070 yards and 2 feet

How do you convert depths height and breadth to square feet?

work out the cubic feet of your object (height x depth x breadth). Then to convert cubic feet to square feet, divide by the height in feet

What is the volume of a square pyramid with the height of 7 feet slant height of 7.28 feet width of 4 feet and length of 4 feet?

widht 7ft how much the height for pryamid

What is foot spa machine?

it is an electronic gadget used for soaking,bathing and massaging a feet during a foot spa

How do you help aching feet?

By massaging them. Heat beforehand, like a warm bath or heating pad will help too

The volume of a crate is 72 cubic feet what is the height in feet of the crate?

The height of the cube (crate) is: 4.16 feet

What is the height of Waverly hills sanitorium?

102 feet in height and 100 feet in diameter