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I don't think so.......but it said on some web site that.....male hair grows faster than female hair :)

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Q: Does male hair grow faster than female hair?
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What puts hair on your chest?

your naturally grow hair on your chest if your a male and for a female i dont know

How can a male grow his hair long faster?

eat eggs a lot and drink milk.once i try it and got long hair in 2 days

Relationship between male and famale?

Both male and female have brains and also they both grow human hair and have a multiple amount of organs.

How do you know what a female plant looks like?

When the plant begins to flower it will either grow sacks (male) or hair like pistils (female)

How do you grow African American male hair?

Trim your hair very little,every week. Get more sleep,because hair grows faster when you're asleep.

Why do some people have a mustache?

God designed the male human to have more facial hair than the female, whereas the female's hair on the head grows faster than a male's. The mustache is part of facial hair, along with beards, eyebrows and the such. It's all part of God's marvelous design.

If your hair loss will it grow again?

It depends upon the cause of treatment and stage that the hair is in. If the cause of your hair is DHT - female or male pattern baldness, then it is likely that it will grow back, but in smaller and smaller amounts each time.

How can you stop hair growing on your buttocks?

If there are hair follicles under the skin then hair will grow. Hair growth here is normally on the male rather than the female however, some female do have a higher hair growth which can cause hair to grow here. There are cosmetic procedures available to reduce heir growth however, you will need to have specialist advice for this

Who is got a faster heart beat male or female?


What gender in a timely maner is faster male or female?


Does male or female hair grow faster?

In general males have faster hair growth then females because males attend to have more stamina then females. Being active circulates your blood to flow faster and by generating enough heat/energy in your body such as intense exercising. Especially sprinting for a long amount of time. Also women have less endurance then men which causes sensitivity.

Is a female faster then a male?

It depends on the specific person. It doesn't matter whether they are male or female.