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Q: Does losartan leave a bad taste in your mouth?
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Why does lettuce leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Because it's brown, or bad.

Can you freeze uncooked corn on the cob?

yes it can, as a mater of fact we found that out tonight. it will taste sour or too salty and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

How do you feel when you vomit?

Most people feel sick. It can be painful, and leave a very bad taste in the mouth afterwards, too.

Can it be harmful to leave trash in the sink with dishes?

Yes it can. Trash with plates ,cups ,and silverware will completely destroy the shiny texture of the items and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Can postnasal drip cause a bad taste in your mouth overnight?

No. Postnasal drip leaves a great taste in your mouth.

What is the meaning of idiomatic expression of bad taste in the mouth?

Think of having a bad taste in your mouth. The image is of something that is unpleasant. Something that "leaves a bad taste" would be something that makes you feel bad even after it is over. You hear this said often of someone doing something that goes against their conscience. "It left a bad taste in my mouth when I told that lie."

How do cockatiel to stop biting?

Try using a nail polish, this will stop you, or using creams that leave a bad taste in your mouth. Learn more at

Why does semen taste bad?

so you put it in your fanny not your mouth

Can paracetamol and codiene cause a bad taste in mouth?


Will vitamin d leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Yes. For instance, sulbutiamine is a synthetic form of thiamine (B1). It is very bitter tasting. After having ingested the vitamin, however, the taste in your mouth should subside within a few minutes. Drink some water. If taking any vitamin, you may wish to place the vitamin in a capsule so that it does not come in direct contact with your tongue. Capsules may be found at better health food stores across the nation.

What are the symptoms of breathing in human feces?

A foul odor & a bad taste in your mouth, followed by gagging. You should leave the area immediately and contact appropriate cleanup personnel.

What happens if you kiss moldy cheese?

you hav a bad taste in your mouth.